Meeting at the fountain in Eyre Square at 11am, we’ll head down Shop Street and take in the famous market (stopping for coffee at least twice) and head down towards the quays. Over Wolfe Tone Bridge, around by the pier and South Park. There are some marvelous buildings, churches and whatnot en-route so hopefully something for everyone. As my fingers have been crossed on this one for the last month or so, we should get some decent weather for a walk along Seapoint Prom. If people are feeling extra energetic, we may even make it down as far as Salthill for some sandcastles and icy Atlantic winds.

Alternatively, we’ll head from South Park back towards the docks and into some different areas of the city. There are no hard and fast rules with the walk. We have no time schedules, no transport to organise, no group entry to anywhere or anything. People are completely free to wander off to do some shopping or stay with the group. In fact the only time restriction is the start of the Blog Awards later that evening!

As before, there’s a dedicated number for anyone that gets lost or delayed to call. That number is +353 86 1551616. It’ll be available from 9am on the morning of the walk until the end of the walk that evening. Hope to see you there. And remember, you don’t need to be a photo blogger to come photo walking ;)

If you’re of the photography persuasion and you’ve never been to a blog awards night before, coming along to one in Galway is a no-brainer. If you have already been to a previous awards night, you know exactly what an amazing night it is so I’ll see you there.

Accommodation is already sorted too. I hope Damien won’t mind me borrowing this info from the awards website

Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa – Galway – Saturday March 27th only available. Please quote the Blog Awards – code Blog2703 to ensure you avail of the discounted negotiated rate.
Rates – €130 single and €150 – per room B&B
Maria Booth – Reservations Supervisor
T: +353 91 538200, D: +353 91 538520
maria.booth < at >

Hotel Meyrick – on Eyre Square – Rates available for Friday March 26th and Saturday March 27th. Please quote the Blog Awards – code Blog2703 to ensure you avail of the discounted negotiated rate.
Rates – €115 single and €135 double per room per night, B&B
091 564041
Orla Johnston, ojohnston < at > or reshm < at >

But of course there is a truly crazy amount of hotel and B&B rooms available in the city so shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. So c’mon people, fire your suggestions on locations at me.


61 Responses to Photowalk: Galway 27th March

  1. Excellent composition allows for good reception. Really great.

    Keep it on a really good picture.

  2. j 41 shoes says:

    Nice site, I envy it, but it seems a little weird when under mozzila browser, keep it moving:)

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  4. [...] weeks ago I went down to Galway for the Irish Blog Awards (which were really great fun) and for a photowalk had been organised for the same day (which was also good [...]

  5. A bit late perhaps but some of my images from the Galway Photowalk

    – Sarah

  6. [...] to Galway for the weekend to take in a photowalk on Saturday, which also coincided with the Irish Blog awards. (Congrats to redmum on the [...]

  7. pullandbang says:

    Enjoyed the photowalk on Saturday and enjoyed my long weekend in Galway. Here’s a few of mine for now. I’ll eventually get around to adding more over the next few days.

  8. Kevin says:

    I really enjoyed the walk on Saturday. Thanks to Ryan et al for organising.

    I’ve uploaded my favourites to pixie here:

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s photos from the day!

  9. John Smyth says:

    Hi folks,
    Looking forward to seeing you all at the walk on Saturday ,


  10. Garrett says:

    I am looking forward to meeting you all in my neck of the woods. Any assistance I can offer just ask. To whet yur appitite heres a little flavour of downtown Galway.

  11. Fran says:

    Well we have at least one prop for you Galway photographers.

  12. Karen O'Hara says:

    My husband is going to drive me from Kilkenny early in the morning. He and my daughters will spend their own day in Galway. Karen

  13. RoryWallace says:

    Hello everyone

    I intend to have a coffee beforehand in “Food for Thought”,

    Saturday 10:30 am here: (5 mins from Eyre Square)

    I’ll be driving from Dublin and may be able to offer lifts.
    Look forward to seeing you there.

    • Cabaal says:

      I very well may meet you there, depends how early I’m up on Saturday as I have a gig to go to Friday night so could be home late :(

    • pullandbang says:

      Just might make there. Myself and the missus will be there from the night before so won’t have to get up too early :-)

  14. Darren says:

    Have a great photowalk. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it as I’ll be in Sligo.

  15. aafke says:

    Yay, absolutely love the route. The blog awards are not going to sidetrack me, the photowalk might. Hope some other togs feel same, getting lost on the the dockside or in the king’s head looks attractive also. Four days left to try out borrowed lens (already big thanks, dc!)

  16. Stan says:

    You’re welcome, Ryan. If you’ve any questions, I’ll be glad to help if I can.

  17. Stan says:

    As a general suggestion, I can recommend a walk down Shop St. (the main shopping street, just off Eyre Sq.), left onto Quay St., over the Wolfe Tone Bridge, and left again up by the Claddagh, Nimmo’s Pier and South Park. The streets showcase some of the nicer buildings in the city centre, while the later stages bring views of e.g. swans, boats, beaches, and the Burren across Galway Bay. If you follow the path, you’ll reach The Prom, a very popular walk that skirts Salthill village and beyond.

    If you want more of the city before you get to the shore, you could (a) detour down by the Docks, where the Ocean Race hub was; or (b) go down Eglinton St. or along the canal off the William O’Brien Bridge, both of which take you more or less to the Salmon Weir Bridge, then past the Cathedral as far as NUIG, and down the canal as far as Dominick St., which is just a hop away from the Claddagh.

    Alternatively, from NUIG you could cross the campus and follow the Corrib river to Dangan and Menlo Castle (at least, a view of it across the water). Sorry about the barrage of streets and bridge names, but I don’t have the time or skills to throw a map together!

    • Ryan says:

      Cheers Stan, I’m in the process of finalising details so the suggestions you’ve made will come in handy.

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  19. pullandbang says:

    A route would be nice. Is there anyone local who can put one together like we had in Trim?

  20. Karen O'Hara says:

    Yeah! We are staying within the city!

  21. Cabaal says:

    Eyre Square sounds like the most ideal spot to meet alright, not too familar with Galway but I’d personally like some sort of route

  22. dakar says:

    That sounds reasonable, is there a vague route planned , or is it likely to be more of a photowander? Either is good for me!

    • Ryan says:

      It’s going to be a little from column A, a little from column B. There will be a route but as we’re going to be in & around the city centre there wont be any strict deadlines to meet. We’re not travelling anywhere so we don’t really have to go anywhere as a group. People will know the route and feel free to wander it or deviate from it as they wish. Route will be up later today.

  23. ryan says:

    How about a meeting spot in Eyre Square? It’s central and possibly easiest to find for anyone not too familiar with Galway. We’ll be staying in the city too so possibly no point in venturing too far out to meet up.

    • aafke says:

      happy to hear we’ll be town-walking. hopefully some local togs will come up with some sort of route.

  24. Amr says:

    Wondering how i can join?!

  25. [...] On the day itself, the big do is usually preceded by a bunch of other smaller activities. One is a photowalk planned for a few hours during the day – basically , a bunch of photographers roaming about [...]

  26. Eddie says:

    Looking forward to it. Last time I took any photos in Galway I left my camera bag in the boot of my car in the Blackbox carpark – thought it’d be safer there than a shared dorm in the hostel I was staying. Someone obciously saw me put the bag into the boot, had two Bronica rigs and a Canon SLR nicked :-(

  27. [...] the main “ceremony” you want to attend. If you have a camera why not come to the photo walk. For the ladies, the Ladies’ Tea Party. Eolai will also be having an exhibition of his [...]

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  30. aafke says:

    cool, galway chosen as finish port for volvo ocean race 11/12

    • Karen O'Hara says:

      What do you mean, Aafke? If I’m going to Galway (last time I was there was 11 years ago) I’d be more interested in cityscape as opposed to ruins, rivers, etc.

  31. pullandbang says:

    So where exactly are we meeting for this one and is there a route in place?

  32. Mark says:

    If you’re in search of a great location around the city, maybe I could suggest the Dangan/Menlo areas, up the river Corrib? We have great ruins, great forests and great skyscapes within an hour’s walk of the city center.

  33. Fran says:

    So ………. what would we like to photograph? “Galway” “Photowalkers” “” in text or something random?

  34. Fran says:

    Just an idea………. Do we need props?

  35. dakar says:

    Stupid photowalks, always on the stupid East coast, always have to trek halfway across the country to get to ……. Hold on ……. this feels all wrong ……. \o/ a photowalk over here ……. I’m in!

  36. Darren says:

    I will be arriving into Galway on the Friday so if anyone is around for drinks/food/photography let me know.

  37. Karen O'Hara says:

    I will go on the Galway Photowalk on Saturday, 27th March. I will probably have to book accommo for Friday eve to make it for Saturday morn.
    Cheers, Karen O’/TownieLee

  38. aafke says:

    If Trimwalk lives up to my expectations, Galway looks great opportunity for another wee dander…..

  39. Ryan says:

    Hotel is quite pricey alright but thankfully there’s no shortage of accommodation choices. Something for every budget hopefully.

  40. pullandbang says:

    Right, count me in on this one.
    BTW Just booked a different hotel (Hotel Clybaun) and got it for two people x three nights for less than the cost of a room in the Radisson :-)

  41. karenm says:

    Count me in too. Have been on previous 2 & is great craic.

  42. pullandbang says:

    Jeez – Hotel is only €30 per night in Trim and it’s a whopping €135/€150 in Galway! WTF! Don’t they realise the Celtic Tiger is dead and buried.

  43. Mark says:

    I well, I live a ten minute walk away. I’ll be here for it.

  44. Mike says:

    The Meyrick is 5 mins walk away (or maybe 7 mins if you are staggering) from the Radisson for those thinking about going there.

    My house is available at special rates too but would advise a taxi :-) ))

  45. pullandbang says:

    Might just treat myself to a birthday pressie and head to Galway too. Have to talk nicely to “she who must be obeyed” and rack up some brownie points.

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