No better chance to photograph a ruined keep in a mysteriously misty, wet and rainy forest (because really, when isn’t it wet, rainy or misty here) is to be found than in Galway City on July 2 coming, from 10am-3pm. Attractions in the forest include the marvellously-intact Merlin/Doughiska Castle, the ruins of crofters huts and other buildings. And trees. Lots of trees.

Where are we meeting?

At the Supermacs opposite the entrance to Merlin Park, at 10am (map).

I have children. Can I…

Yes! Children are absolutely welcome to come to this photowalk.

The plan:

The plan for the day calls for a relaxed photowalk: Meet at the Supermacs opposite Merlin Park, travel to the forest, take photographs, walk around and travel back to the city for either a late lunch or drinks. Photographers on all levels and interests are very much welcome to this event!

How to get there:

Galway’s Merlin forest, castle and hospital are long-established institutions that are easily accessible to travelers from both Dublin and Galway City. The hospital is served from Eyre Square by the #9 and #4E buses and is located on the main Dublin road just inside of city limits.

If you are travelling into Galway on the M6 motorway, exit left at the terminus and take the right hand exit of the next roundabout (map).

Contact details:

Email, tweet @bhalash or call me (Mark) on 086 190 8088 for information, suggestions or directions on the day.

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6 Responses to Galway City’s Merlin forest and castle, Saturday July 2

  1. aafke says:

    it almost shames me to say that i finally got to uploading some pics from this sheer weirdish photowalk.

    thanks again mark and assistanting green summer girl

  2. Louise Gallagher says:

    Delighted there will be one in Galway! Will be there :)

  3. thecivvie says:

    As per, I will be there, have that weekend off work :)

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  5. Petra says:

    As said on Boards..I’ll be there…

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